Afternoon Visit

Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai Afternoon Day Visit. winter afternoon In Chiang Mai, the weather is still cool.Convenient traffic Don’t be afraid of traffic jams. See the abundance of the forest during your trip to Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai. You will experience beautiful forests and nature along the way. The trip to the Elephant Sanctuary didn’t take long. Because it is not far from Chiang Mai city. At the Elephant Conservation Center Knowledge and advice will be provided before visiting the elephants. Such as the history of the Thai elephant. Including the benefits and interdependence of people and elephants. They also teach techniques for living with elephants. Including giving orders to the elephants as well. During the trip, there will be bathing for the elephants. feeding elephants Playing in the water with elephants We believe that you will definitely be excited and impressed. For those who will visit the Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai in the Morning Day visit here.

lephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai Afternoon Day Visit

Tour program Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai Afternoon Day

Things to bring : Hat / Swimming suit / Sunscreen / Insect repellent cream / Towel / Extra clothes / Comfortable hiking shoes / Camera / Copy of passport.

Start pick up / 13:00 – 13:45 PM

  • Walk with the elephants Learn the story and nature of elephants.
  • Feeding to Elephants. Enjoy Feeding food for elephant. Enjoy feeding the elephants with your own hands. Here you will get the special experience to embracing the elephant closely.
  • Mud Spa with the elephants.Experience. Enjoy quality time with our super cute baby elephant with a mud spa in the natural river.
  • Bathing with Elephants and Swim with Elephants Elephants really like to be clean as their skin is sensitive, so it is common to see an elephant bathing in the natural river. Elephants mud baths are also important as
  • Leave the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
  • Relax at the Highest Peak of Thailand. Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, has a very beautiful view, reaching 2,565 meters above sea level! We will visit a beautiful waterfall. sacred pagoda
  • Visit the Twin Pagodas (Doi Inthanon Royal Pagodas)The Royal Twin Pagodas are very beautiful, situated on the top of a panoramic mountain with stunning views over the jungle mountains of northern Thailand
  • Start Hiking Breathe in the air and admire the view along the nature trail. See various types of plants. including wildflowers and waterfalls. The best place to hike in Doi Inthanon National Park is Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail. It’s a great place to take selfies and other pictures. Experience all the seasons in a day during this incredible Doi Inthanon trek, a challenging 10km hike reaching an altitude of more than 2000m (6500 ft).

End of trip, send tourists back to their accommodations.